Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody LawyerHaving disputes regarding child custody can be a very stressful thing, even under good terms. During these case processes, the complex legal procedures can become very stressful. Having a child custody lawyer with vast experience will save you the stress and cumbersome processes. CHILD CUSTODY LAWYER explains the legal rights to you that you never knew about.  In Pennsylvania, the courts determine the case by ensuring the interests of the child are paramount.

Below are some of the things that your child custody lawyer will do on that you can’t handle alone:

Negotiate with The Other Party

A child custody attorney will negotiate with the other party without getting emotional. Custody cases usually concern former spouses, ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend whom you’ve had a child with or family members. Dealing with these parties on your own can result in biased decisions. A custody lawyer conducts sane and unbiased negotiations without involving any emotional baggage.

Manage Paperwork

A child custody disagreement might end up in court if the two parties fail to have an agreement. Your child custody lawyer will help you get the required paperwork and file them correctly before deadlines.

Represent You in Court

You might not know all the laws which may affect your case. This case involves a lot of emotional issues. You might end up saying things that may affect the verdict of the case and make you regret later on. You might even forget to say things that you ought to have said. A custody lawyer will help you by professionally advocating for you, increasing the chances of winning the case.

Handle Complex Cases

If you live in different countries or states with the other parent handling custody cases without a lawyer can be very complicated. It will be crucial to have a child custody lawyer because he will know how to handle it. A lawyer knows what is involved in multi-jurisdiction legal disputes.

Helps Modify the Child Custody Agreements.

Many custody dispute agreements are adjusted by the parties from time to time, depending on several reasons. Although the court settles the cases by using parenting agreements, a lawyer helps when the parents decide to modify the agreements. The custody lawyer usually does this on your behalf to ensure that the agreement is not violated.

The Pennsylvania courts use the parenting agreement to settle child custody cases.  Several factors determine child custody in Pennsylvania. These are:

  • Best interests of the child
  • Sibling relationship
  • Child’s desire/wishes
  • Parenting duties
  • History of drug abuse of the parents
  • Mental and physical health conditions of the parents
  • History of abuse in the household


As we have outlined above, child custody is not easy to handle. The legal processes involved can overwhelm you if you don’t hire a child custody lawyer. If you feel that you are about to face a custody case, don’t hesitate to get a professional Pennsylvania child custody lawyer to help you handle your case.