Personal Injury

Anyone can suffer a personal injury at any time. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change your life forever, and if you are the victim in an accident you deserve compensation.

Resolving a personal injury lawsuit can be frustrating and time consuming. If your case ends up in court, you will need someone on your side providing you with aggressive representation. But for many, the courtroom is not the best place for resolving personal injury cases. Mediation can provide a faster, better route to resolution when you are dealing with a personal injury.

If you have been injured through the actions of another person, Gregory Bazylak can help. He has represented victims throughout the Brookville, Pennsylvania area. He understands how stressful personal injury cases are and he knows how important it is to ensure a fair resolution for everyone

Whether you choose mediation or your case ends up in court, Gregory can help.

If you have been injured in the Brookville, Pennsylvania area and you would like to speak to someone about resolving your personal injury lawsuit as efficiently as possible, or you would like to know more about receiving compensation for a personal injury, contact Gregory at 814.849.1278 or by email at [email protected]