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Greg is a local attorney and former assistant district attorney in Jefferson County who has operated his own legal practice in Brookville since 2004. Greg has received specialized training in the field of divorce and custody mediation, He will do all He can to make your family’s experience with the legal system go as smoothly as possible. Greg has also represented many parents and grandparents over the past 14 years who have found themselves caught up in the legal system, often for the first time. Knowing what to do and who to turn to can be a difficult decision. Let me help you and your family.



How Can Greg Help

I can simplify the complex legal system that confronts every family that finds themselves in need of a lawyer because of a pending divorce, separation or custody dispute. I can help by assisting you and your loved ones in reaching an agreement that will allow the new family dynamic to grow and prosper.


1 Gregory is experienced and understands how difficult it can be to resolve legal issues.

2 Gregory has worked with people in Brookville and throughout Pennsylvania. He understands the community and is familiar with the local court systems.

3 Gregory is a member of the Brookville community and knows how important it is to resolve legal disputes that arise in the community efficiently and effectively.

4 Gregory’s experience as an attorney means he can provide effective representation, but can also help clients when they want a resolution outside of the courtroom that is less expensive and less grueling.

5 Gregory prides himself on his integrity and guarantees he will provide the best possible service to everyone he works with, no matter their situation.

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